New game released! Catharsis!

2014-10-31 18:41:02 by gildedguy

My newest puzzle/action game has been released! 


Play it here: Slush Tile Rush 

Or download it on the Google Playstore: Slush Tile Rush (mobile!)

I made this game using Starling, so you will need a recent flash player and a decent computer to run this game.

To be honest, I'm not really pumped up about this game. I did put a lot of work into it, but I had finished it nearly 6 weeks ago. The main motivation for this project was being able to put something nice on the android marketplace. I'm trying hard not to abandon projects, so this game is a work of will power!

Is tile matching + combos fun? Maybe. Gameplay aside, I can say it is one of my most polished games though. 

So enjoy! I got all the enjoyment I could out of developing this game.


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2014-11-01 01:18:52

Downloaded for phone, and played on NG. Gotta say, i probably wouldnt have minded paying at least $1 for this on the app store, its that good. Just something to consider. Another great Slush game!


2014-11-02 01:08:54

will you release other slush invader games on the app store or android store?


2014-11-08 22:01:13

Congrats! We've featured Slush Tile Rush over at! Stop on by and check out the reader feedback. =) We and some of our readers have been hoping for some clarification on the swipe move for the browser version, could you leave a comment about it there? Thanks!

gildedguy responds:

JayIsGames? Whoaaa!

I really appreciate the game review. I posted a comment on how swipes work. Hope it clears things up!


2014-12-06 11:05:12

Been through Slush tile rush a few times now (still hasn't lost its magic and humor yet) and I've seen a few of the RHGs. Nice touch!
Saw some old favorites like Endo, Terkoiz and Hyun! Nice shout out to the dojo and amazing job again. Looking forward to more more stuff from you! x)


2015-01-03 21:09:27

played untill the armored Lime (9 tile block and armor....yeah quittin now) fun conept needed a bit more polish to be a little less harsh on the player (a number of times i found one side full when the other had like 2-3 tiles) i would of prefer it if we could switch our team freely sometimes a particular stick is more handy in one situation then another Two Certain characters (not spoiling) before armored lime actually scared me because i knew them from experience and reputation and they lived up to that this game was really fun despite the imbalance in favor of the cpu. I would gladly pay 2-3$ for a second one

some idea's

#1 Bigger Board space is extremely limited and when you get into enemys that block 9 tiles a shot :P im sure there are tons of creative ways to balance out a bigger board though heck maybe make additional members change the shape of the board EG Stomas adds a I piece shape (think tetris) while Stucker gives you an L on it's side.

#2 maybe some outside the board ability's or items or something. Eg if you have GuildedGuy he gives his normal board attacks but every so many matches with him you can activate his ability which blocks tile blocks for a period of time or maybe Stucker Clears both boards when you match say 20 with him in the match or Hang gives you a try again if you match 40 of him (assuming these ability's carry between matches)

#3 Switch sticks between matches this gives it a strategy element that i feel this one lacks.

#4 Upgrades? these could work a number of ways maybe instead of the stick give board space idea maybe you trade in blue dye as currency for a bigger board or maybe a sheild that every so often procs blocking a tile block or an escape artist manual that makes sticks auto escape after a while or perhaps it just makes their base stats higher sthomas's attack goes up by 3 per combo hang skips naptime ect.

#5 any news on the dungeon game? it has alot of promise! and i hate to see it go.


2015-04-24 02:05:11

This is so Awesome! :3