Slush Dungeon Prototype

2014-01-08 23:39:33 by gildedguy

I just wanted to share my new project, "Slush Dungeon" (such a creative working title, I know).

It's an action platformer with rogue-like elements and squad-based dungeon crawling.


Some gameplay features:

  • Randomly generated dungeons, with different enemy and loot amounts for each play-through.
  • Control up to 3 fighters at a time, each with distinct combat styles.
  • Synergy - Instead of leveling up and gaining stats, fighters become more "in-synch" with each other.
  • Emphasis on resource management and exploration.

Right now I'm using Flash's native vector graphics for rending, but I'm looking into using the Starling engine instead.

Hopefully, I can get it to look something like this:2189919_138924237262_Slush_Dungeon_10.png

Anyways, you can try it out here:

Let me know if you think it's fun!

All feedback is welcome, though, I'm already aware of the bugs.  Keep in mind that this is a very rough prototype, so animations will be missing, and the fighters are a bit OP for testing purposes.


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2014-01-09 00:57:09

Impressive! I like the speed differences between characters, so I can use the yellow knight to platform because mr. bandana sometimes controls like a bar of soap. My biggest issue is how hard it is to see what you're doing when there's three massive colourful enemies, an ally, and the items that pop up over your head; all I can do is spam the attack button. Also the friendly sticks so close to you that sometimes my eyes automatically follow the wrong person. Ideally it should work like that gif you have on this page demonstrates, but it often works out to being a big pile of fighting.

Other than that, nice camera, nice art/animation, control, hangtime, use of bright colours, simple hud (minus all the dev stuff of course)

What did you do to get right-click functionality, something like this?

gildedguy responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I guess I should add an indicator to the guy you're controlling.

As3's right-click functionality was added with one of the updates to flash player in 2012 or something:

stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.RIGHT_CLICK, myHandler);


2014-01-09 04:48:44

Not bad for a prototype. You said you were already aware of the bugs, but i'll mention the one that stuck out to me the most just in case. Whenever I was switching between the characters, they instantly did their special power attack as soon as I switched. I dont think this was intentional, but if it was, it works quite well. Anyway, looking forward to more news on this! Slush Invaders Game is still one of my favorite games here on NG, so I hope this wont disappoint!


2014-01-09 10:04:05

i agree with Lionelion, on 2 things, 1)it's really good for a prototype, and 2) the fact that power attack activates itself whenever you change character is quite a useful way to combo attacks, if anything I'd make the dungeon rooms bigger so that you can a), easily separate yourself from the enemies (in case you lost track of who you are or just wanna buy some time) and b) add an explanation to what the apples mean, I'm guessing food supply, but it just kept counting down after 0 and i didn't see any side effect to that (is the idea of the food supply supposed to work like in pokemon rescue team?).
Can't wait until you finish this, I'm sure it's gonna awesome if i had this much fun with the prototype XP.
BTW, any particular reason to start with stuccker and yourself? or was just easier that way?

gildedguy responds:

The "use special on switch" was intentional, I'm glad you guys found it useful.

You're absolutely correct on the food timer; It does nothing right now.

I started with Stucker and Gildedguy cause:

1. I already animated the Gildedguy sprite when implementing the physics (

2. They are the fastest and slowest characters, respectively. If I can perfect the outer bounds of movement, then the other 5 characters will hopefully be easier to deal with.


2014-01-09 16:09:16

Looks incredible! I'll give it a try when I get home from work! Wow, really great stuff.


2014-01-15 06:27:55

Its A Great Game Michael...Its Really Fun and Enjoyable You done Great Once Again...Hope you Continue it !!
But 1st I Have Some Questions...
1. How Did you make The Game? Im Trying to make a game Myself but when I Started Programming The Movement...Well The Character walks but...He doesnt have A Movement Animation (I want to learn Programming )
2.How did you make The Character Sprites and The AI ?
3.How did you Program The Health Bar?
4.How Did you Program Attacks and Stuff..

PS.Glidedguy and Stucker Are Awsome...And i found a few Glitches While Playing

gildedguy responds:

Hey Chakatan,

You have a lotta questions so I'll just give you some general help on programming platformers.

Good tutorials:

Though, if this is your first game, you should try coding simpler programs, just to improve your understanding. Otherwise, if you can follow these tutorials without too much trouble, go for it!


2014-01-16 06:29:19

Thanks Michael...BTW Have you Seen My Characters :P
There The guys Ile Be using for my Game...


2014-01-19 15:49:33

Hey michael thanks for uploading the slush dungeon
i enjoyed it and granted it is fun and awesome
one question when it will be released?
- Iceman


2014-02-25 16:08:38

The Gameplay is realy great for an alpha/beta thing, i noticed that the boot's equpment (i haven't gone that much into the game) came to much, i know that this probably beacuse it's a prototype but it actuly makes sense beacuse there are so many knights i hope the final version will be like the picture above, is there anyway to get news more often of this?


2014-03-02 05:23:44

Good start. I think i know where your going with this so allow me a few suggestions.

#1 make the areas bigger or make them "levels" big dungeons with no gaps in between it would feel more natural that way instead of having to go from room to room. long story short i would think this game would work better if enemy's kept spawning in as you ran though the dungeon dodging projectiles and beating the Tar out of these knight guys. so Sidescroller with vertical movement leading to branching paths or other areas something like castlevania only without the gaos between screens.

#2 only 5 other characters :O aww :P

#3 wall jumping and jumping in general feels a little touchy? especially with stucker being fast i had i hard time on the platforms maybe tweek that a bit.

Good luck i look forward to playing.


2014-03-09 18:18:38

great for a prototype. i like the other slush invaders game (100% BOO YAH) and i hope i like this one the same. i would like it if instead of those knights it was the blue guys and it would be cool if it had the jetpack blues and the giant one (from the animation) and of course regular ones. Im also getting this weird glitch ( i think its a glitch) where guilded guy randomly gets a LOT slower. They both sometimes get stuck in the ground to.
Its good so far and with work it could be great.
good luck!


2014-05-30 19:31:52

question: Is the art style going to be more like the sthomas and stucker fight with facial expressions or more like the movie/game without faces because the concept art has no faces but in the demo stucker has a face?

gildedguy responds:

Characters will probably be like they are in the demo (limited facial features).


2015-01-23 09:21:18

dude, its already awesome EVEN IF ITS A DEMO, I JUST PLAYED IT. WTF. AWESOME AS F*CK. HOLY SH*T. AWWWWWEEEESSOOOOOOMMEEEE. KEEP IT UP! cant wait for the finished product


2015-06-11 05:43:48

awsome game bro! plz make more characters such as sthomas, stickorey, stickyle, and lots more