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New Blogpost: Something to prove.

Posted by gildedguy - February 19th, 2018

Hey! Thought I'd share my inner thoughts on why artists do what they do on Newgrounds.


I don't use the News Post functionality nearly as much as I ought to.


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A bit of healthy competition is decent motivation in the art field. In my opinion its better to chase a unachievable goal (like being the best) rather then seek instant gratification. The latter tend to lose motivation quickly and in the end give up on their dreams at the first sign of harshness.

That said keep up your good work sir, I hope to see more awesome stuff from you soon.

Fun read! Just an FYI the link seems to be messed up when clicked (i fixed it by copying and pasting manually)

I think we each have our ways to motivate ourselves, and this one is definitely valid. From my beginnings with Flash games I've always just wanted to prove to some invisible audience what Flash is capable of by pushing it to its limits. I don't know if anyone cared what if what I did was in Flash as long as it was fun, but I always wanted to keep evolving. With 2020 just around the corner I'm forced to move onto the next thing, but I can definitely say I had fun along the way and I'm starting to relive some of that fun through learning new tools (I still prefer Flash, but that's not in my control at this point lol)

Fixed the link, thanks for the heads up.

Also, hey McCleod! Love your work on SSF2. To me, you truly did push the boundaries of Flash gaming, it really motivated me to learn programming throughout my middle and high-school years.

Thanks for reading.

The link is broken. it's missing the : between the http and the /
it redirects to http://ww8.http.com/
I did read the article, though. Pretty neat insight into your mind.
Keep up the good work and stay awesome.

Thanks for letting me know about the broken link, I fixed it!

Glad you checked it out, thanks for reading.

The link still seems to be broken, I think you might have updated the link text but not the actual link URL, may need to highlight it and click the link button to update that. Be sure to include two forward slashes after http: as well.

Oh haha, now I'm thoroughly embarrassed. Link has been corrected.

Intriguing read! I wonder if this does apply to everyone, or if some are simply looking to vent and express themselves... but maybe that's what separates the hobby artist from the pro; the ones who really make a career out of this. Or how about: entertain? If all other reasons are simply a sub product of proving themselves though... interesting...

A lot of artistry seems to be made for a specific cause too, but there too: there's always a point to prove. Maybe this really is the formula.

Bit curious about the extra imagery in your posts btw: any estimate as to how long those bits usually take to draw? Seems you really put a lot of time in those posts. Really well-written too. No typos. Easy line breaks. Getting that competitive push here...