Gildedguy vs Bog is OUT!

2017-08-21 20:14:21 by gildedguy

Hi guys,


Newest fight animation has been released. Put a lotta hard work into this one!

Please watch it here:

So far, people have been receiving it very well, and been digging into its themes and ideas very deeply!

In other news, I opened up a poster shop on MagCloud, featuring some of the more cinematic scenes in my animations. If you'd like to support my work, please go take a look:

As for the next project, I am going to do something that is very experimental and ambitious. I'm 90% sure I'm going to pull the trigger and go for it, but I need some time to sort out current obligations.

See you later!



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2017-08-27 12:38:11

VERY experimental and ambitious?
Bumping my hopes up that high should be a crime!


2017-09-02 18:58:50

This is the best "non-stickman looking" stickman fight i have ever experienced in my life