Check out my Twitch Animation Contest Entry!

2017-02-25 16:06:18 by gildedguy



Hi NG'rs,

I just finished my 60s short for Twitch's animation contest (theme: "Game Over"). I'd really appreciate it if you'd checkout my entry and vote for it! (But only if you enjoyed it).

Voting Link!

If the animation makes it past enough votes, it might be streamed in the final judgement next Friday! The thought of winning something really excites me.

I also uploaded it here on Newgrounds, and this time, I got the help of Avenza, an awesome independent music artist (gotta keep Tom happy with these non-copyright tracks :P ).

In other news, Gildedguy vs Bog will resume progress, so tune into the streams to see how it's going.



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2017-02-25 17:35:22

Nice! I liked it and voted. Hopefully you make it to the finals!


2017-02-25 19:29:18

Voted! Hope you do well!


2017-08-20 17:12:49

Congrats!!!! you really deserved to win, I love your animations and I saw them when I was little and I just came back to watch some again

Really love your work mate