Long time no see!

2014-09-07 23:35:47 by gildedguy


Slush Dungeon Update


To be honest, I should've made this update back in April, since I've stopped working on this game since then.

Nonetheless, I have made significant progress on the game:

  • New custom (but simple) physics engine! Oughta support a good 100 objects at once.
  • Dynamic skit selection - Different scripted conversations appear depending on party members and their actions.
  • Mirrored rooms - Rooms' mirrored versions are now added to the generation pool, allowing for twice the "variety".
  • Persistent background textures - Backgrounds reflect the player's elevation in the dungeon.
  • Team Management - Split up your party members and control them in completely different rooms.
  • Background music gets a cool filter effect during pause.
  • Sthomas!

Try out the new stuff here! 

So why has Slush Dungeon has been neglected this past half-year?

Well, I've been busy with a whole bunch of life transitions (graduating college, internship, getting a job).

In addition, I've picked up a new pet project, "Slush Tile Rush", which is much less ambitious in project scope. 
My plan is to finish Slush Tile Rush and then decide on the fate of Slush Dungeon.
I'll likely put it on hold, where it will join the rest of my vast collection of unfinished games.


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2014-09-08 08:38:36

Never give up!


2014-09-28 22:18:53

1) I love the new music, it really goes with the game
2) I see you got the food supply thing working, it would really add to the challenge of the game if you had a goal other than just beating up tons of enemies XP
3) Nice job putting the "blues" as enemies, I liked the extra variety of enemies and the way they lost their helmets when hit
4) Controlling Stucker became a lot easier, but he's still fast on his feet, good job there
5) I liked how to had to rescue your allies, kindda reminded me of Slush Invaders XP

Finally I'd like to say that, although I would've preferred that you posted this in April, I'm just glad that you posted anything at all XD, you're really good at this and I'd LOVE to play the finished version of Slush Dungeon, but it's your call, if you think this game should join the pile of unfinished, then do so.
Keep up the good work we're all routing for you.


2014-11-12 19:14:26

Excellent , but the problem is that thomas Stucker attack only when attacked , and always is my very fences .