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Gildedguy vs Bog is OUT!

2017-08-21 20:14:21 by gildedguy

Hi guys,


Newest fight animation has been released. Put a lotta hard work into this one!

Please watch it here:

So far, people have been receiving it very well, and been digging into its themes and ideas very deeply!

In other news, I opened up a poster shop on MagCloud, featuring some of the more cinematic scenes in my animations. If you'd like to support my work, please go take a look:

As for the next project, I am going to do something that is very experimental and ambitious. I'm 90% sure I'm going to pull the trigger and go for it, but I need some time to sort out current obligations.

See you later!




Hi NG'rs,

I just finished my 60s short for Twitch's animation contest (theme: "Game Over"). I'd really appreciate it if you'd checkout my entry and vote for it! (But only if you enjoyed it).

Voting Link!

If the animation makes it past enough votes, it might be streamed in the final judgement next Friday! The thought of winning something really excites me.

I also uploaded it here on Newgrounds, and this time, I got the help of Avenza, an awesome independent music artist (gotta keep Tom happy with these non-copyright tracks :P ).

In other news, Gildedguy vs Bog will resume progress, so tune into the streams to see how it's going.


Ahh my newest masterpiece is finished!

It took a bit longer than expected, but the result is pretty much exactly how I wanted it.


Please watch and review it!


Hey guys,

It's been quite awhile since the last update, and a lot of life things have happened since. But! What's important to you is that I've been working on a new animation the whole way through.

I'm close to finishing my latest animated music video, "Basement Busk". So keep an eye out for that in the next 2-3 weeks. I also got around to finishing a blog post on crushed dreams (give it a read!).

I'm still streaming near-daily on Twitch if you want to check out the progress.

Thanks for keeping up with me, see you at release!

New Animation in the works!

2016-02-20 16:23:02 by gildedguy


It's a smash bros parody animation, but gonna try to add a lotta heart to it:


Another 6 months, another animation complete!

2015-12-07 18:21:42 by gildedguy



Watch Gildedguy vs Jade!

Long time no see (again). I finished my latest masterpiece! (again).

I had so much fun working on this, thanks to Camila (the creator of the stick lady in this movie).

I hope you all enjoy ! (again).

You can read my detailed thoughts on making this here:



7-month Animation Finished!

2015-05-16 14:17:49 by gildedguy

Another 7 months gone, another project released, this time my best animation yet:








Please check it out here: Rhythm and Rockets

It's another music-synched animation, and it emphasizes the lesson of "letting loose". If you are a long-time Newgrounder, you may see my inspirations from "There She is!" and Adam Phillips' "The YuYu".

This was a personal passion project, and I learned a lot about "the grind" while working on it. My thoughts on that can be read on my blog here (


New game released! Catharsis!

2014-10-31 18:41:02 by gildedguy

My newest puzzle/action game has been released! 


Play it here: Slush Tile Rush 

Or download it on the Google Playstore: Slush Tile Rush (mobile!)

I made this game using Starling, so you will need a recent flash player and a decent computer to run this game.

To be honest, I'm not really pumped up about this game. I did put a lot of work into it, but I had finished it nearly 6 weeks ago. The main motivation for this project was being able to put something nice on the android marketplace. I'm trying hard not to abandon projects, so this game is a work of will power!

Is tile matching + combos fun? Maybe. Gameplay aside, I can say it is one of my most polished games though. 

So enjoy! I got all the enjoyment I could out of developing this game.

Long time no see!

2014-09-07 23:35:47 by gildedguy


Slush Dungeon Update


To be honest, I should've made this update back in April, since I've stopped working on this game since then.

Nonetheless, I have made significant progress on the game:

  • New custom (but simple) physics engine! Oughta support a good 100 objects at once.
  • Dynamic skit selection - Different scripted conversations appear depending on party members and their actions.
  • Mirrored rooms - Rooms' mirrored versions are now added to the generation pool, allowing for twice the "variety".
  • Persistent background textures - Backgrounds reflect the player's elevation in the dungeon.
  • Team Management - Split up your party members and control them in completely different rooms.
  • Background music gets a cool filter effect during pause.
  • Sthomas!

Try out the new stuff here!

So why has Slush Dungeon has been neglected this past half-year?

Well, I've been busy with a whole bunch of life transitions (graduating college, internship, getting a job).

In addition, I've picked up a new pet project, "Slush Tile Rush", which is much less ambitious in project scope. 
My plan is to finish Slush Tile Rush and then decide on the fate of Slush Dungeon.
I'll likely put it on hold, where it will join the rest of my vast collection of unfinished games.

Slush Dungeon Prototype

2014-01-08 23:39:33 by gildedguy

I just wanted to share my new project, "Slush Dungeon" (such a creative working title, I know).

It's an action platformer with rogue-like elements and squad-based dungeon crawling.


Some gameplay features:

  • Randomly generated dungeons, with different enemy and loot amounts for each play-through.
  • Control up to 3 fighters at a time, each with distinct combat styles.
  • Synergy - Instead of leveling up and gaining stats, fighters become more "in-synch" with each other.
  • Emphasis on resource management and exploration.

Right now I'm using Flash's native vector graphics for rending, but I'm looking into using the Starling engine instead.

Hopefully, I can get it to look something like this:2189919_138924237262_Slush_Dungeon_10.png

Anyways, you can try it out here:

Let me know if you think it's fun!

All feedback is welcome, though, I'm already aware of the bugs.  Keep in mind that this is a very rough prototype, so animations will be missing, and the fighters are a bit OP for testing purposes.